Fondazione Valter Longo

a non-profit organization, as part of its institutional activity aimed at social solidarity purposes, also pursued through the promotion, financing and carrying out of health care, scientific research and in-depth study and professional specialization activities in scientific and disciplinary areas, of reference and interest to the Foundation, subject to the approval and establishment of its Board of Directors, founded on July 4 2022 an Educational, Research and Clinical Institute called:

European Longevity Institute

The European Longevity Institute® – founded by Prof. Valter Longo – was created with the aim of creating a center focused on teaching, clinical assistance and research on longevity and age-related diseases. The Educational, Research and Clinical Institute continues to expand its mission to give everyone the opportunity to live longer and healthier lives.

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*Fondazione Valter Longo is the owner of the trademark registered by the European Union Intellectual Property Office on December 2 2022 with number 018727280. For any clarifications, please write to [email protected]


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