Nutrition Begins as Children

Coloring Book Accompanied by a Manual for Families and Teachers


We are excited to announce the release of our coloring book “Nutrition Begins as Children” created in collaboration with the artist Manuela Lupis.

It is a book in ITALIAN and ENGLISH accompanied by a “Manual for Teachers and Families”. This special initiative for the World Obesity Day, a day dedicated to awareness and taking steps towards a healthier life, is thought for:

  • Primary School and above: designed for children attending Primary School, it is also suitable for all ages.
  • Students studying Italian or English as a second language. It is suitable also for those who wish to learn Italian or English.


Exclusive Contents

  • Educational coloring book. A fun and educational experience for younger children, with engaging drawings. Explore the world of nutrition, exercise, and the essential values for a healthy and sustainable community.


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  • Manual for teachers and families. An accompaniment for adults, families, and teachers with scientific insights, fun activities to do at home or in class, recipes, and useful information.


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Topics Covered

The book offers principles related to:

  • – A healthy lifestyle
  • – Balanced nutrition
  • – Physical exercise
  • – Essential values for a long and healthy life


Why This Book Is Important

A healthy diet, physical exercise, values tied to the sense of community and a proactive attitude towards life are the pillars to a healthy and happy life.

Through this book, we wish to inspire a generation, and with them schools and families, to make conscious choices for their present and future wellbeing.


Where to Buy It

Discover the book and the manual and support our educational mission to offer everyone the chance at a healthy and long life.

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How to Support Our Mission

Offer everyone the chance to live a long and healthy life

Every purchase supports our mission to promote healthy longevity.

The proceeds generated from the sale of the books will be directed towards supporting research and funding initiatives for schools and families, along with free nutritional assistance for those who are in critical health and financial situations.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support. Together, we have the power to create positive change for a healthier and more informed community!

With gratitude

The Team of Fondazione Valter Longo Onlus


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