Nutritional and Lifestyle Guidelines for Women for a Stronger Immune System

In the face of the increasingly numerous, but not always factual, information concerning the immune system, Fondazione Valter Longo Onlus has created specific guidelines to help clarify this topic.


These guidelines are designed for women in various age groups and in different physiological states to offer them nutritional support and, consequently, a life marked by health, well-being, and a healthy and sustainable longevity for themselves and the environment. The content of each session derives from a thorough selection of scientific articles published in prestigious journals that guarantee its credibility and reliability.


A series of information regarding exercise, sleep, as well as healthy and well-known recipes have been added to the guidelines as a reference to understand in a more practical way which dishes to prefer and prepare. The desire is that these recipes can offer an inspiration and source of knowledge for the general public on the way to health and longevity. These are international recipes that they can explore with interest and curiosity to broaden their culinary knowledge and horizons. Many of these recipes are part of the Mediterranean tradition, a symbol of health and longevity, but revisited in the light of Professor Longo’s Longevity Diet.

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