Professor Longo’s New Book: “Fasting Cancer”

The book will be released in Italian on September 20th, 2021, by Vallardi Editore

How Fasting and Neurotechnology are revolutionizing the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Starve the cancer, feed the patient. The book examines the central role played by fasting mimicking diet and its impact on metabolism to help prevent and treat many types of cancer, even in advanced stages.

Despite advances in science, today almost one in two people risk developing cancer.

Why have we been able to reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases such as cardiovascular ones and many others, but have we not been as successful against cancer?

Because cancer is a complex disease, and two cases are never quite the same. Cancer is made up of cells that often do not follow predictable patterns.

They do however have one element in common: they are “confused and rebellious” cells, which feed on much more that healthy cells, especially when attacked by standard therapies.

Valter Longo explains the data of decades of basic and clinical research, which indicate that a controlled use of a fasting mimicking diet and the Longevity Diet can help prevent, and overcome, cancer pathologies, by removing sustenance only from diseased cells.

“Fasting Cancer” opens a new pathway for patients to become active protagonists in their own treatment and healing.

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