Gelo di Mellone


  • Serves 6


    • 1 liter of juice of watermelon
    • 90g of corn starch
    • 40 g of sugar
    • 100 g dark chocolate chips
    • 100 g of pistachios (granules)
    • A few drops of vanilla extract
    • A pinch of cinnamon


    Place the starch in a pot, and slowly add the watermelon juice, a little at a time; mix constantly until smooth. Add the sugar;  continue mixing. Cook on a medium flame until it comes to a boil, mixing constantly. Lower the flame; then let the mixture thicken a few minutes. Continue cooking, mixing every so often. Add the vanilla, cinnamon and almost all the chocolate (placing aside a few chips for garnish). Mix one last time; then pour the mixture into 6 dessert ramekins. Sprinkle the remaining chocolate chips over the mixture;  place in the refrigerator overnight. Just before serving, sprinkle the pistachio granules over each dessert.


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