SUMMER CAMPS – Nutrition & English in Italy

The Foundation offers summer camps (over-night and day camps) for teens 14-18 years old, lasting 1-2 weeks. The camps will be held in Italy, in various schools, host institutes, and “agriturismi” (farm stays) where students have the chance to immerse themselves in nature and learn about nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle in English. Students participate in activities in English, including dance, singing, cooking, theater, role-plays, and team projects. In addition, they take part in physical activity of all kinds, such as running, mountain biking, soccer and volleyball tournaments, and various trips to places of interest in the area. A certified nutritionist is on site at all times.

The nutritionist of the Foundation collaborates with the instructors to offer their expertise in planning top-notch activities. A group of experienced pediatricians, as indicated above, will oversee the camp nutritional aspects and plan a healthy and appropriate diet for all participants.



  • Runs 2 weeks from Monday to Friday, in the summer;
  • 9am to 2pm.


  • In schools and host institutes.


  • Native English speakers, all experts in teaching children and teens and/or ESL (English as a Second Language) and carefully selected by the Foundation with the help of American college and universities;
  • A certified nutritionist selected by the Foundation;
  • A qualified and experienced chef selected by the Foundation.


  • The teaching method is structured for students learning foreign languages. It is interactive and context-based (the “context” being nutrition).
  • Learning takes places mainly through activities whose goal is to have fun: games, music, role-play, dance, theater, and team projects.
  • The program end with a final project in English related to nutrition. Students practice skills and nutritional principles learned in the program—for example, to write and perform a song, make a video, and give a cooking lesson.

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