Fasting-Mimicking Program

The fasting-mimicking program is a five-day fasting program and a specific meal plan based on healthy natural products and ingredients. It was designed to simulate the fasting state while providing nutrients and calories. It tricks your body into thinking it is fasting but, at the same time, it allows some food intake. Consequently, you can receive the benefits of fasting while minimizing its challenging part like hunger.

The fasting-mimicking program is based on years of scientific research and is the subject of numerous ongoing studies and human trials for a variety of health conditions. Scientifically developed and clinically tested, this nutritional breakthrough was designed at the University of Southern California by Professor Valter Longo and his team.

If you are considering the fasting-mimicking program, please consult a medical professional and a nutritionist/dietitian before you begin, since fasting is not appropriate for everyone.

If you need support and nutritional consultations, you can contact our nutritionists at Fondazione Valter Longo: [email protected]


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