Advisory Board


Born in Losanna, Sweden on January 25th 1953, he is a descendant of the Agnelli family. The 5th child of Susanna Agnelli and Urbano Rattazzi. Since 2004, he has been the president at Neos flying company, a member of the Board of Directors of Exor, and the holding company of the Agnellis; and since 2001, president of the Italian Hospital Group, as well as the managing director of GL investments. He also founded a civic committee in Rome. He studied Economics at Columbia University, and then completed a master’s degree at Harvard University. Additionally, he worked at Lehman and Salomon, and was later pioneer of private European airlines and founded Air Europe. As well as president of Assaereo, Association of italian airlines,and member of Confindustria. Among other positions, from 1988 to 200 he was founder and president of Air Europe; from 2003-2018 a board member of EXOR NV (previously EXOR SpA and IFI SpA); and from 2005 to 2012 Vice President of Alpitour. Furthermore, he holds the following institutional positions: Board member of Finnat Euramerica Bank (since 2009); President of the Il Faro Foundation (since 2009); Board member of Coe and Clerici (since 2015) and Coe and Clerici Vianini Spa (since 2015), and a Board member of the Telethon Foundation (since 2015).


Stefano is a serial entrepreneur and former professor of information systems, network services and security. He is the founder of I.NET, the first Italian internet provider, and played an important role in the making of the Italian internet system. He was a member of the Italian Parliament in the XVII legislature, member of the Commission for Internet rights in the House of Representatives, and leader of Parliament’s Intergroup for technological innovation. Stefano is a member of the scientific committee at Bollati and Boringhieri and the Leonardo Foundation, as well as a contributor to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, President of the Italian Digital Agency Steering Committee, member of the Artificial Intelligence group of the European Commission, and a member of the leadership board of the UN-Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Additionally, he is the author of numerous articles and contributions, speaker at conferences on digital technology, regulation and competition; which stems from his interest in the intersectionality between technology, regulation, and markets.


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