Stay young and healthy

In this section you can find the basic concepts of the Longevity Diet created by Prof. Valter Longo. Starting from the Longevity Diet for adults, with food suggestions addressed to everyone, we also cover more specific nutritional information. This is intended for pregnant women, as well as dur-ing the breastfeeding phase and then from children to teen-agers, to include all the essential nu-trients for growth. The Longevity Diet also includes exercise, since this is a lifestyle to be imple-mented in our daily lives. Finally, you will also find a brief mention of the Fasting-Mimicking Di-et™, the result of a long and accurate clinical research conducted by Professor Valter Longo (at the USC Longevity Institute). Lastly, A general excursus to effectively introduce you to the Longevi-ty Diet.


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