• by: Fondazione Valter Longo Onlus Editorial Staff
  • December 10th, 2020

The Shock of the Pandemic

The experiences the whole globe faced in 2020 as a result of the pandemic have made everyone understand how health should be a human right, both personally and globally. Our health is at risk here and now. The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken everyone to the core, affecting over 66 million individuals and causing approximately 1.5 million deaths worldwide to date, according to the most recent data by the World Health Organization on December 7th, 2020. Italy, unfortunately, ranks #6 of the most affected countries with 1,728,878 confirmed cases, and 60,078 deaths (only behind the US, Brazil, India, the Russian Federation, and France).

If we analyze the “Report on the Characteristics of Individuals who Suffered and Died From COVID-19 in Italy” published by the Istituto superior di Sanità on December 2nd, 2020, we can see that individuals suffering from diseases and the elderly population were the most affected. In fact, the average age for individuals who died from Covid-19 was 80 years. In addition, it was possible to analyze the medical records of 5,726 deceased individuals and it was observed that 65.9% suffered from 3 or more diseases. Among the most common ones were hypertension (66%), Type 2 diabetes (29.2%), Ischemic heart disease (27.8%), chronic renal failure (21.1%), active cancer in the last 5 years (17%), obesity (10.3%), among many other diseases.

What do these data demonstrate? That age is the main risk factor for both Covid-19 and for many other chronic disease (cancer, diabetes, CVD, autoimmune disease like Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis, and neurodegenerative diseases with Alzheimer’s). The latter being yet another risk factor for Covid-19.

Questions and Concerns

The obvious question is, “What can we do to avoid getting sick and protect ourselves as much as possible from unexpected events like the pandemic?” It is clear that it is vital to slow down the aging process and thus prevent the onset of many chronic diseases. But how? Scientific research shows how lifestyle and food choices can decrease our risk of developing many diseases as well as slow down the aging process.

As a result, we can conclude that eating well and living a healthy lifestyle can slow down aging and help us live longer and healthier lives. However, on our quest for the elixir of life we may ask ourselves what we mean exactly when we talk about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

The Valter Longo Onlus Foundation and the search for health and longevity

We often find too many hands in the pot and are exposed to conflicting information. However, the nutritional biologists of the Valter Longo Onlus Foundation created a reference point, nutrition assistance programs, and practical advice regarding health and lifestyle, based on over 30 years of research of Dr. Valter Longo.

The doors are open to everyone at our Longevity Point in Milan: those who want to achieve healthy longevity and live higher quality lives, as well as individuals suffering from various diseases and need support for common treatments. Children, teens, adults, and elderly alike come to our Longevity Point in hopes to live healthier lives.

We want to provide a place in which we can guarantee that health is a human right, and where anyone can find support from experts and professional. At our longevity point you will find an environment that provides a real culture of longevity, that values health, mental and physical well-being, solidarity, inclusivity, sociality, human and familial relationships, and a constructive, positive, proactive, and creative attitude toward life.

In our Longevity Point we create project that reach schools, students, families, teachers, centers for the physically disabled, the elderly, nursing homes, shelters for women victims of abuse and their families, as well as homeless shelters. In addition, we provide free programs for those in difficult economic situations, and so are always on the look out for funds to be able to implement these projects. We constantly train more nutritional biologists who can collaborate with us and help contribute to the health and betterment of the community.

It is worth mentioning again that in our Longevity Point we really hope you understand the importance of this longevity project and remember on this World Human Rights Day our mission to guarantee health as a human right, as well as longevity, to all.

Health shouldn’t be a privilege for the wealthy, especially during these hard times. For this reason, we have created a Solidarity Christmas Present where you can gift a valuable gift or free visit to our Longevity Point in Milan to someone who needs it. You can help make someone’s life better! We sincerely thank you!

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